Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The SMB Nation Conference...Community to the Extreme!

I spent this weekend at the SMB Nation Conference in Toronto and boy am I tired! I just spent two days completely immersed in all things IT Small Business! For those who don't know, The SMB Nation Conference is the baby of Harry Brelsford. Harry is one of the "Who's Who" of the Small Business Server community. I just wanted to say a personal thank you to Harry for bringing this event to Canada! Here's to many more years of successful Events, both in Canada and elsewhere!

I was very impressed with the quality of speakers, including Mitch Garvis, (who most of you know from his appearance at The WWITPRO Springboard Series:Vista), Calvin McLennan (who has spoken at WWITPRO on Small Business Server) and Rex Backman, Rex Backman is a member of the Microsoft Response Point team. (If you don't know what Response Point is look it up. I will be writing a post about it shortly, so stay tuned!) There were many other quality speakers, you can find all the information here! 

The real value here was the type of information that was conveyed! There was a session by Matt Makowicz on how to sell managed services that was worth the price of the conference alone! This type of session is not available anywhere else in this country, and certainly not at any of the free conferences that we all attend from time to time! There was a hands on lab for Response Point that flat out blew me away! I considered my admission price one of the smarted investments in my IT business I have made in a long time!

I must admit, for me, the best part was the sense of community that came from being in the same room with so many people with the similar interests for two days! Everyone was very approachable, from the other summit attendees, to the speakers, and especially Harry! I have a deep love for the IT community, from the Desktop level one tech support, to the Enterprise level Systems Administrator to the small business IT service provider and attending events like this provide a boost to my belief that the IT community in Canada is getting stronger every day!

Once again, thank you Harry for bring this event to us up here in the Frozen North!

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Harrybbbb (Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation) said...

thanks peter for the kind words...a pleasure to serve the customers this past weekend in Toronto with the delivery of our event.

Since I grew up in Alaska - I know a thing or two about frozen north as well